Construction & major infrastructure

While the concept of better track and trace of materials within construction and major infrastructure projects is not a new concept, to date the effectiveness of such projects have largely been limited. The wins can be significant but linked with this is a need for a focused approach and realization that while track and trace sits along side and integrates with BIM and other initiatives, it is different and needs a different focus and set of success criteria.

Matflo deployments have proven their worth in construction projects, no more so than in the build of oil platforms in the North Sea and further afield. Build delays can result in whole weather windows being missed and consequently months added to projects. Using Matflo, delays due to material availability issues are reduced to zero, and wasteful over supply and subsequent loss of material can be eradicated.

Within a traditional construction project an effective Matflo deployment addresses different challenges including:

  • Support of a pull not push supply chain, where materials are requested when needed and hence the space exists to store them
  • Real time tracking of materials so any potential delays or issues can be identified as they happen and if need be remedial action taken
  • Through real time tracking, one can then also facilitate a vendor held inventory set up, freeing up space on site and reducing working capital costs
  • Tracking and effective control of material on site, avoiding damage and potential material loss

Within the construction industry, and specifically its multi-tiered approach to delivery, the current buzzwords seem to center on ‘collaboration’ and ‘value engineering’. Key attributes to help facilitate this is availability of the correct data to the necessary recipients, and also certainty around resource delivery and availability- in a nut shell ‘scheduling and tracking’, providing assurance that the right material, is at the right place at the right time. Matflo helps achieve all this.

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