Logistics coordination within manufacturing covers two distinct sub-headings, the storage and subsequent distribution of the finished manufactured goods, and then equally important the handling of raw materials and provision of these materials, on a timely and traceable basis to the physical manufacturing process.

Our real-time approach to solution functionality and unit traceability provides an excellent method to handle the highly dynamic order processing regimes required for this fast moving market space. Matflo offers the option for end to end visibility through the “consumption” phases of a manufacturing process as well as across the supply chain within a broader distribution context.

Matflo can address the detailed physical Inventory Management at product, batch/lot and quantity level. The raw material receipting and replenishment requirements, both at the individual manufacturing and kitting stages, but equally fundamental raw material levels at site can all also be addressed.

Within a broader distribution context, manufacturers typically shipped from production sites to multiple regional distribution centers for local distribution. However the “efficient consumer response” initiative led to inventory being pushed back up the supply chain. Centralization of distribution, taking manufactured goods from one or more production sites, enabled more flexible and efficient supply chains. Storage density at national distribution centers (NDC) was increased through the adoption of automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).

Matflo systems delivery full trackability of stock movements, including lot and batch tracking and destination specific expiry control (e.g. Destination A requires goods with shelf life greater than that at Destination B).

In conclusion Matflo can be manage Just in Time delivery arrangement, within a fully scalable solution across a single or multiple sites.

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