Oil & gas

Traditional company supply chains are a series of discrete, siloed steps, yet with the advent of digitalization, barriers are being removed, allowing the evolution of a fully integrated, end-to-end, eco-system. 

Within the Oil & Gas industry this siloed view on life has historically been even more pronounced. As a result, many companies remain unaware of the significant progress towards a broader connected supply chain that is being achieved among visionary Producers, EPCs, Suppliers and Logistics partners, and the resulting benefits, efficiencies, and value being delivered. 

Matflo is at the forefront of this natural evolution. Uniquely placed with a 30 year  track record in the delivery of services and solutions to the Oil & Gas industry, linked with the Matflo Supply Chain product suite, already coming with a long term pedigree of business critical use across broader industries and now configured and adapted to meet the specific requirements of an Oil & Gas supply chain.

The effective introduction of proven retail supply chain practices and standards into the Oil & Gas industry, and the resulting transformative change this enables is being recognized by wider industry bodies. For example, together with our partners Wood Group (Amec Foster Wheeler as was), we won the prestigious international award from the EIC (Energy Industry Council) for Supply Chain Excellence for our Matflo product suite configured specifically for the Oil & Gas industry.

A fully integrated material tracking process from end-to-end, facilitating overall situational awareness and hence appropriate real time contextualized decision making has become possible. The resulting benefits are very real.

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