Third party logistics (3PL)

The Third Party Logistics (3PL) market place is traditionally, and continues to be a very tough market to work in. The need for innovation, to differentiate oneself from the competition is critical.

Innovation can cover many different areas, ranging from most effective ways to operate multi tenanted warehouses/distribution centers, through to better ways to meet the increasing regulatory requirements associated with shipping/exporting/importing, as commerce truly becomes global.

Matflo solutions, not only innovate in their own right, but must also fit into the processes of the 3PL, and also in some instances, those of the customers of the 3PLs themselves.

A current buzzword residing among 3PLs and their customers appears to be ‘big data’. The ability to show pertinent data to different recipients at different stages of the supply chain on a timely basis can drive real efficiency improvements. Potential recipients range from suppliers to 3PL customers, the 3PL themselves, the end consumer for a product held by the 3PL or the 3PL customer who has outsourced an operation. Operationally secure, functionally rich and user friendly instances of Matflo Portals have been for example deployed into this context and shown to achieve proven results.

Closely link with the ‘big data’ is omni-channel fulfillment. While 3PLs may not always be addressing all the facets of the omni-channel fulfillment channel, we are increasingly finding that our 3PL customers are very grateful for our complete supply chain know how, and availability of solutions from our Matflo suite that can address any gap in their particular IT landscape.

Customers include