• Matflo WMS Warehouse management

    Matflo WMS (Warehouse management system) provides a flexible, comprehensive and efficient warehouse management system for warehousing and distribution center operations. 

    It integrates planning, operations, people and equipment to provide unprecedented levels of flexibility, labor efficiency and fulfillment accuracy via a variety of enabling technologies ranging from data analytics and machine learning to lights-out robotic automation. 

    Matflo WMS can be configured according to your needs: the same core product can be used to control your manual, mechanized and fully automated distribution and fulfillment centers, supporting eCommerce, omni-channel and retail replenishment operations across verticals.

    Features include:

    • The ability to handle diverse order types with differing order characteristics via different channels as required from a single inventory pool
    • Dynamic continuous order (waveless) processing to meet the real time efficiency and flexibility demanded by eCommerce and omnichannel operations
    • Replenishment logic factoring in product historical movement and real-time order demand, with continuous re-prioritization
    • Demonstrable automation and robotics integration via a fully integrated WCS/WES components
  • Matflo WES Warehouse execution

    With the advent of continually changing omni-channel ordering profiles, a fully orchestrated solution is required that can facilitate the best action at any point in time. The system must be dynamic, able to continually reprioritize tasks and optimize site operation. The Matflo WES (Warehouse Execution System) does just that.

    Built on the proven foundations of our ever-evolving Matflo components, Matflo WES seamlessly orchestrates warehouse operations, integrating manual and automated processes to minimize order cycle times and manage unpredictable demand: e.g. a new high priority order destined for New York is automatically fulfilled ahead of the historically scheduled order for Boston.

    Matflo WES software has led the way in true waveless operation delivery, fulfilling the demands of a high velocity and variability order mix within the constraints of tight delivery requirements, while optimizing the resource utilization.

    Our adaptive priority-driven scheduler enables a continuous flow through all areas of the warehouse, maximizing throughput and asset utilization. Workloads are dynamically balanced to make best use of available resources, and lead to predictable flows that aids workforce management.

  • Matflo WCS Warehouse control

    Matflo WCS (Warehouse control system) orchestrates material flow within an automated fulfillment or distribution center. At its core it effectively coordinates a number of automation and robotic components to maintain overall system throughput.

    It allows the isolation of the in-situ WMS from the complexities of any new MHE integration, saving on costs and minimizing disruption to a live site.

    Matflo WCS supports the complete spectrum of automation and robotic integration complexity, from the simplest conveyor-based mechanization system through to the most elaborate automation solution incorporating automated receiving, storage, picking, sortation and loading subsystems.

    Through its component-based engineering methodology, Matflo can be easily tailored to deliver a solution that best fits into your functional and performance requirements and your existing IT architecture.

  • Matflo Hub Yard management

    Yard Management
    The Matflo Hub is an integrated set of configurable product components (Slot Booking/Automated Gatehouse/Yard Management) that address the management and control of an operational hub. Delivered as independent stand-alone components or equally as a complete offering addressing all your operational hub needs.

    The yard management (YMS) component manages yard and loading bay locations to provide complete tracking and traceability for movements into and out of the yard, for operations ranging from single vendor to multi-party distribution operations. It optimizes the trailer movements to reduce dock congestion and optimize dock door utilization.

    Features include:

    • advanced algorithmic determination of dock doors and location allocation
    • effective handling of trailer no show or delay, including real-time updates to trailer allocation and alerts to relevant staff
    • web enabled user interfaces including graphical views of the yard
    • integration with the WMS (both Matflo WMS or third party products)
  • Matflo Hub Slot booking

    Slot Booking
    The Matflo Hub is an integrated set of configurable product components (Slot Booking/Automated Gatehouse/Yard Management) that address the management and control of an operational hub. Delivered as independent stand alone components or equally as a complete offering addressing all you operational hub needs.

    At its core the Slot Booking component offers a collaborative web portal enabling haulers to book inbound and outbound deliveries to and from your site, fully supportive of multi-hauler operating scenarios.

    The appointment diary concept is moved from a manual to an automated one, accessible to approved third party and internal users. Customized business rules can be configured to support different operational standards at different sites (eg weekend deliveries etc).

    Features include:

    • minimize site congestion
    • reallocation of labor to more effective tasks
    • fully web enabled
    • reduced wait time on entrance and leaving site
  • Matflo Hub Automated gatehouse

    Hub Automated Gatehouse
    The Matflo Hub is an integrated set of configurable product components (Slot Booking/Automated Gatehouse/Yard Management) that address the management and control of an operational hub. Delivered as independent stand alone components or equally as a complete offering addressing all you operational hub needs.

    The Automated Gatehouse, as its name suggests, automates the entry process into an operational yard. It significantly speeds up driver entry and exit, thus increasing site throughput and daily receipt and despatch capacities. 

    It removes the opportunity for human error into the gatehouse process and does away with the headache caused through the potentially frequent churn of gatehouse staff. It offers the luxury of running an unmanned gatehouse.

    Specific product features include:

    • multiple language support
    • left and right hand drive ready
    • fully web-enabled to allow flexibility in hardware selection
    • operationally orientated user interface to speed throughput
    • integrated with number plate recognition software
    • full Management Information
  • Matflo Perform Performance management

    Matflo Perform helps delivery optimized site performance through the provision of real-time dashboards and data analytics to improve resource utilization and scheduling, delivering efficiency and quality improvements.

    Unlike pure labor performance management solutions, Matflo Perform addresses both labor and asset performance; of particular use in automated distribution facilities.

    As ever-increasing pressures are applied to the supply chain and the need for speed and right first time becomes ever more critical in customer satisfaction, the impact of effective performance management regimes becomes more important. Matflo Perform empowers management to quickly make changes and to reward those that deserve it.

    The features in Matflo Perform include:

    • Holistic view of the operation, including both manual and automated processes
    • Use of ‘what-if’ scenarios to assess impact of possible changes
    • Forecast labor and other resource requirements
    • Activity based costing
    • Asset utilization and tracking
  • Matflo FCMS Retail dark store

    Matflo FCMS (Fulfillment center management system) is a solution specifically for the requirements of a dedicated grocery on-line fulfillment center, sometimes also termed ‘dark store’ or ‘CFC’ (central fulfillment center).

    With strong similarities to an eCommerce specific warehouse management solution, it also includes the additional special requirements necessary for the demands of a grocery environment, including effective handling of much bigger typical order sizes, product crushability and short shelf life to name but a few.

    • Full support for automation solutions: conveyor-supported zonal picking, goods-to-person pick stations, high throughput storage and retrieval systems (shuttle, mini-load) etc.
    • Maximized out going delivery van utilization through volumetric planning
    • Highly optimized picking solutions (pick trolleys, compressed pick walks)
    • Single/multi-temperature delivery handling
    • Highly dynamic fulfillment to handle up-to-the-minute order planning onto van routes
    • Product substitutions and inventory data management
    • Seamless integration with a Matflo In-Store component, to provide a complete estate wide fulfillment solution spanning CFCs and stores
    • Customer delivery documentation