• Matflo 360 Global Inventory

    Matflo 360º offers control tower view of your complete supply chain. It is functionally very rich, providing real-time inventory status and location updates enabling stakeholders to make truly informed decisions to optimize their supply chains.

    From optimized production planning through to efficient transport utilization, accurately forecasted distribution center workloads and the planning of order fulfillment can all be seamless achieved.

    The offering has different components, that can be taken in their entirety or cherry picked to meet the exact operational requirements that you have.

    Global Inventory

    • Provides global visibility of inventory throughout the enterprise
    • Publishes data in real-time to websites
    • Enables sharing of a common inventory pool across multiple channels – stores and eCommerce
    • Handling of inventory reservation and release
    • Facilitates the integration of additional inventory systems as new fulfillment locations are introduced
    • Ability to expose data to customers and suppliers via portals
  • Matflo 360 Order Management

    With the benefit of a global inventory view of supply chain (see Matflo 360º – Global Inventory), an effective order management regime can be implemented.

    Among the benefits include cost reductions through order accuracy, better customer service through real time order status, and greater control over global inventory.

    Order Management

    • Allows fulfillment of orders from one source or several (taking into account the customer’s location, delivery preferences and many other factors)
    • Support of dropship vendor (DSV) operations
    • Distributed order management- the use of fulfillment determination rules to breakdown an order into constituent parts and allow phased/multi-location fulfillment
    • Determination of Delivery Promise – factoring in items such as order cut-off time, customer selected delivery options and fulfillment sources
    • Altering of risk to Delivery Promise
  • Matflo Integrator Integration Framework

    Matflo Integrator is an integration framework designed to ease integration of Matflo solutions into a wider IT architecture. Equally it offers a cost-effective way of integrating non-Matflo supply chain solutions without recourse to complex third party integration tools.

    Delivery of an integration framework via Matflo Integrator to facilitate the interaction and communication between software applications in a service oriented architecture (SOA), provides all the functionality that supply chain wide operations require to work efficiently and effectively.

    A typical deployment has the potential to truly open up your data, optimizing performance and immediately reducing IT complexity.

    It delivers:

    • Asynchronous data exchange
    • Data transformation
    • Open messaging and integration standards
    • Greater flexibility
  • Matflo In-Store In-Store Fulfillment

    Matflo In-Store allows the fulfillment of on-line orders from stores. It enables you to leverage your existing store inventory and labor resources to maximize omni-channel sales and improve the customer experience.

    Designed for ease of use by today’s retail workforce, Matflo In-Store allows sales associates to fulfill orders from store inventory and is architected to ensure you meet your customer promise.

    The solution provides confirmation when orders have been picked and packed, so inventory levels can be updated and shipment notifications sent internally and externally to the customer.

    • Ability to access store inventory to fulfill on-line orders
    • Promote accurate inventory levels across your entire estate
    • Facilitate option for same day delivery
    • Promote greater flexibility in your supply chain fulfillment needs
    • Minimize the chance of lost sales due to product being unavailable in on-line dedicated fulfillment centers

    The solution has been successfully deployed both into a grocery environment and into a high street retail environment.

  • Matflo C+C Click & Collect

    Matflo C+C is an out of the box solution that allows customers to shop on-line and choose to collect their purchases at a designated collection point. It can work both alongside other Matflo store systems, or alternatively integrate with third party solutions.

    Inherently Matflo C+C provides the prioritization and management to be able to offer a fast collection and a consistent service.

    This in return promotes customer loyalty and engagement, and improved productivity.

    • Collection desk and back-room management
    • Self-serve terminals linked to backroom activities
    • Collection of proof-of-purchase and restricted item sales information
    • User tracking information (from order receipt to in-store ‘order status’ boards)
    • Rapid retrieval and hand over process
    • E-mail and SMS notifications
    • Short implementation times
  • Matflo CMS Delivery Management

    In today’s crowded retail space, a positive delivery experience is critical to retaining customers. An eCommerce sale is underpinned by excellence in your delivery management software. Matflo CMS has been designed to achieve this.

    Uniquely within this market place, Matflo CMS has also been specifically engineered to meet the rigors of high volume enterprises, giving you assurance that as your business grows, Matflo CMS will continue to perform optimally.

    The Matflo CMS is the most flexible, performance-oriented delivery management solution on the market. It integrates the eCommerce website, Warehouse Management System and parcel carriers’ systems to give you complete control and visibility of the home delivery process, from the point of customer checkout all the way to delivery.

    Features include:

    • Extensive algorithmic optimization through a stand alone rules engine module
    • Extensibility to meet customer specific requirements
    • Currently handles >100m parcels per year and growing
  • Matflo TMS Transport Management

    In the current economy, successful management of transport can have an enormous impact on the profitability and success of your organization.

    Transport Solutions impact both the movements within the confines of the Distribution Centre and beyond the Distribution Centre. The latter is addressed by Matflo TMS, while the former by Matflo Hub.

    Matflo TMS is a highly flexible, configurable and performance oriented product.

    It integrates into any Warehouse Management System including Matflo WMS, and any third party dynamic scheduling tool to give you complete control and visibility of your transport requirements, fleet management and working requirements.

    • Auto planning of trips based on current route options, accounting for weight and capacity limits and other day specific restrictions
    • Full resource scheduling – both drivers and vehicles
    • Virtual fleet planning to allow manipulation of trips against a virtual fleet prior to actual resource allocation
    • Real time interfaces to other systems
    • Driver run sheet generation and other required documentation
  • Matflo Returns Returns Management

    Matflo Returns manages the returns process in the fulfillment or dedicated returns center. An efficient returns process is key to omni-channel operation. The solution delivers the following:

    • Receipt of returns pre-advice
    • Checking against pre-advice, or blind receiving
    • Return status determination, including return to stock, rework, QC hold, scrap etc.
    • Management of QC status and release
    • Inventory availability updates to connected systems
    • Sortation for putaway, by zone, aisle etc.
    • Returns location management including multi-SKU, limited SKUs, limited quantity and like-SKU segregation

    In addition, working together with Matflo CMS it supports the returns process further via return delivery options, return carrier selection and label generation, carrier bookings, track and trace and notifications.

  • Matflo Track Track & Trace

    Matflo Track is a fully configurable asset tracking tool, designed and engineered to meet the requirements of the many corners of the construction industries. Different variants exist to meet the specific requirements of different industries:

    • Oil & gas
    • Defence logistics
    • Major construction infrastructure

    At is core, Matflo Track introduces tagging, identification and accuracy that are standard in the retail and pharmaceutical industries to the requirements within larger scale construction projects.

    Through improved data accuracy, and visibility it helps improve efficiency, and hence most importantly reduce costs.

    • Accuracy of material call-off and scheduling
    • Reduction in manual entry errors
    • Visibility to stakeholders of status and location
    • Optimized use of logistics resource
    • Optimized stock levels
    • Certainty of location and status
    • Full inventory management and accounting
    • Complete audit history of all material handling and movement