Once we have delivered a solution to you, our customer, we recognize that your business will rely on the performance of not just the system but also our associated support and service activities. Our staff thrive on this responsibility, delivering and exceeding our customers’ expectations time and again.

A critical part of this post-delivery support model is underpinned by the industry-leading proprietary support applications we have at our fingertips. This suite of performance enhancement tools allows us to identify potential problems before they impact you. We also have emulation tooling, allowing us to create a pseudo ‘digital twin’ of your live operation and an analytical engine to allow the fine tuning of your dedicated solution as it sits within your broader IT architecture, all intended to maximize the overall achievable returns.

  • Matflo Active Proactive system monitoring of live solution

    Through our support services we aim to be one step ahead of any incident before it adversely impacts your operation. To achieve this, we can actively monitor the status of your dedicated application through our in-house Matflo Active monitoring tool.

    Data is telemetered from your site, 24×7, where a team of dedicated engineers reviews the data in order to capture and action any abnormal conditions at the first opportunity. Within the tool are features to initiate automated SMS, e-mail or telephone follow ups in the event that preconfigured thresholds are breached.

  • Matflo ATF Automated testing framework to assist “right first time” delivery

    Before any complex software is delivered to site, it is critical to have the assurance that it has been thoroughly tested at volumes similar to the live operation. As the application complexity increases, the number of different testing scenarios also increases. Our automated testing tools give an insight and added confidence that the software on test meets the operational requirements before going live.

    Within a Matflo environment we have built a specific framework that can be moved from project to project to quickly assist in the essential, time consuming testing scenarios. The ATF (automated testing framework) controls the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes. This automates repetitive but necessary tasks in a high throughput testing process. It can also be used to perform additional testing that would be difficult to do manually.

  • Matflo Expert Consultative support cradle to help maximise achievable ROI

    Matflo Expert is an analytics driven, process flow optimization application and service, designed for warehousing and distribution center operations. It builds on the learnings of the process industries, utilizing your live operational data to populate a model of your operation. The analytical engine at the heart of Matflo Expert facilitates the identification of real-world operational constraints, set against ideal-world optimal performance.

    It analyzes the rules and algorithms controlling everything from the movement of cranes and shuttles to the individual steps a picker takes. From the mass of this available data, linked with the knowledge of our experienced consultants, bottlenecks can be identified, and workloads simulated, hence creating detailed abstract models to contextualize the data gathered from many different sources, and most importantly identify ways to improve the site’s operational efficiency.

  • LiveOps Proprietary Incident Management tool

    LiveOps Incident Management System is a proprietary tool developed in-house to manage an ITIL sequence of events from when the customer first raises an incident through to its final resolution.

    It provides a complete start to finish view of incident tracking, allowing an easy, immediate assessment of an incident status at any point in time. 

    It addresses the following specific areas:

    • Full Incident and Problem Management
    • Request for Change (RFC) Management
    • Customer Portal
    • Dedicated customer area
    • Incident log
    • Change request management
    • Incident status tracking
    • Software Release Management